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Resources for Backyard Growers Interested in Going Commercial

Here are science-based educational resources for backyard and non-commercial growers who are interested in exploring going commercial at some point in the future. It is essential to set a good foundation for plant health management first before considering transitioning to commercial production.  

Resources for setting a good foundation for plant health management in backyard and non-commercial settings:
-UC Backyard Orchard webpage 
   -Site Considerations
   -Tree Selection
   -Preparation and Planting
   -First Year Care
   -Pruning & Training
   -Fruit Thinning
   -Pests & Diseases
   -Harvest & Postharvest

-My YouTube channel includes recorded educational content such as: a 4-part introductory series on Fruit Tree ManagementOrganic IPM for Rodents, etc. 

-Sonoma Master Gardeners for Food Gardening webpage and Apple webpage: information & resources

-Sonoma Master Gardeners Information Desk offers customized advice for home gardeners: 707-565-2608, mgsonoma@ucdavis.edu


Resources for exploring going commercial:
-The UC Davis Cost & Return Studies by crop. Here are some examples: 
   -Olive Oil

-Relevant subtabs on this webpage (see upper left side of this webpage):
   -Water Management
   -Integrated Pest Management (IPM)   
   -Soil & Nutrient Management
   -Orchards, Fruits, Hops
   -Vegetables & Grains
   -Small-Scale Farming Equipment
    ...and more!

-Permitting and Regulations questions: please contact Kerry McGrath, Sustainable Ag Ombudsperson for Sonoma county, at kamcgrath@ucanr.edu 

Please reach out to our UCCE Sonoma front office desk with questions navigating these and other resources: 707-565-2621, jhatfield@ucdavis.edu