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Oak Health

For up-to date information by current researchers, watch our virtual Oak Health Workshop videos, created in April 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Care of Oaks

Reference Manual for Managing Sudden Oak Death in California What we know and don't know about SOD management in California.

Oaks in the Urban Landscape This excellent 2011 publication from UC covers oak management in urban and suburban areas and includes chapters on Roots and Soils, Pruning, and Pests and Diseases, and more.

Living Among the Oaks This UCCE publication focuses on many issues of California oaks.

FAQs about Oak Health Many of your questions answered by now-retired Sonoma County CDF forester, entomologist, and oak specialist.

University of California Oak Woodland Management Twenty-five years of oak woodland research, conservation & management.

Pests and Diseases of Oaks

Pests and Diseases of California Oaks Excellent handbook of the most common maladies of CA oaks with photos and short descriptions.

Oakworm/Oakmoth management

Gold-spotted oak borer Decimating coast live oak and black oak in southern California.

Oak Pit Scale Pit scales attack many of he common oaks that grow in California. Pit scales suck juices from twigs and cause twig dieback.

Drippy oak/Drippy nut A bacterial disease that causes a clear to brownish liquid to drop from acorns, leaves or twigs.

Oak Branch Dieback A fungal disease that causes leaves to wilt and turn tan or brown, and infected branches die.

Mistletoe Management guidelines.