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Volunteer Spotlight

Sonoma County has amazing volunteers! We would like to recognize their achievement and accomplishments. If you would like to nominate a volunteer for the volunteer spotlight, please fill out the nomination form. Nominees will be chosen at the Executive CCC meeting.

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    February Volunteer Spotlight - Sara Glashan

    Our February Volunteer is Sara Glashan! Sara serves many rolls in 4-H. She is on the CCC board as a secretary, I and R committee, is in charge of presentation day, as well as a project leader for goats. Her volunteer work started in 2007 when her...

    By Jesenia Mendoza
    Author - 4-H Administrative Aide/Outreach
  • Capture
    January Volunteer Spotlight-Mary Engebreth

    Mary Engebreth has been a 4-H volunteer for over 45 years. When her family moved to Sonoma her older boys raised goats and sheep she was swept into animal projects, not her area of expertise. So, she lead sewing, macrame, beginning boys, bicycle, and...

    By Jesenia Mendoza
    Author - 4-H Administrative Aide/Outreach
  • Naomi
    December Volunteer Spotlight - Naomi Edwards

    Naomi Edwards December Volunteer spotlight Naomi was a member of 4-H in Montana, she enjoyed learning from members in her community. She never really thought about enrolling her children in 4-H until she saw the alumni booth at the fair, which reminded...

    By Jesenia Mendoza
    Author - 4-H Administrative Aide/Outreach
  • Rebecca
    November Volunteer Spotlight - Rebecca Kracker

    November Volunteer Spotlight - Rebecca Kracker Her history with 4-h started at the age of 9 at Bennett valley 4-H, as a child she fell in love with goats. Her parents, both 4-H volunteers, and members themselves as children, it is a family passion....

    By Jesenia Mendoza
    Author - 4-H Administrative Aide/Outreach
  • Charlotte Spotlight
    October Volunteer Spotlight - Charlotte LeGallee

    We're shining the spotlight on a long-time volunteer and 4-H alumni. Charlotte LeGallee has been involved in 4-H since she was 8 years old. Both her parents and siblings were involved in 4-H. She was a 4-H All Star for Siskiyou County in 1977-78....

    By Jesenia Mendoza
    Author - 4-H Administrative Aide/Outreach