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Manage Drought Affected Corn Prior to Earset
How do you calibrate a manure spreader?
How much dry ice is required to ship meat via 2-day service? Can gel freezer packs be used to keep meat frozen? The weight of the meat would range from 5 to 20 pounds. Is there a preferred styrofoam c...
What's the P Index?
Sometimes the AI (artificial insemination) gun passes freely through a heifer's cervix; in other cases, it just meets a dead end. So, in this case, should I deposit semen just inside the cervix when t...
What are typical values for the higher heating value of manure scraped from cattle feedyard surfaces?
Does age affect quality and yield grades of harvested feedlot steers?
How many acres does it take to run a beef cow?
I am trying to update my system of identification on my cow/calf herd. Can you suggest another system of identification with ear tags?
What is the typical butterfat and protein analysis of milk from a range cow? Has anyone done research on either an "average" beef cow or different breeds as far as butterfat and production in beef fem...
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Results of Mono-Slope Beef Barn Air Quality Research - Archived Webcast
Mono-Slope Beef Barn Design and Management
EPD Basics and Definitions
Hair shedding scores: A tool to select heat tolerant cattle
Crossbreeding for the Commercial Beef Producer
Parentage Testing
Simple Inheritance in Beef Cattle
The Genetics of Horned, Polled and Scurred Cattle
Vas Deferens
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