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4-H All Star Ambassador Team


All Star responsibilities

  • Advise: Participate and be involved in 4-H decision-making through the Sonoma County 4-H Council and the UCCE 4-H Office; represent youth on the Sonoma County 4-H Council (1 designated seat on the 4-H Council Executive Committee); and help the UCCE 4-H Office make program priorities.
  • Improve: Select a community issue and make a plan to improve the situation; develop a plan of action to help strengthen the 4-H program and/or community.
  • Mentor: Act as a role model to 4-H members; install 4-H club officers; be integral part of county officer’s training event; host a 4-H leadership development event for younger members.
  • Plan: Support county 4-H events in key roles such as: parade marshals, emcee, plan and coordinate events, and serve as evaluators. A 4-H Ambassador’s first priority is to hold a position of leadership while present at community events to exemplify their capacity to act as a role model and 4-H program representative. Ambassadors are not obligated to act as assistants, helpers, servers, parking lot attendants, or runners at events. If the Ambassador so chooses, they may assist in that capacity for community service at their own discretion if not being requested by Ambassador Advisor.
  • Promote: Present a positive image of 4-H; act as a 4-H Ambassador; represent 4-H to outside organizations.
  • Teach: Lead workshops or sessions at club, county, Area, and state events.
  • Learn: Improve your own leadership abilities. Attend the 4-H State Leadership Conference (typically July or August at a UC campus); financial support provided by the Sonoma County 4–H Council. Attend other regional or state 4-H conferences, like the Youth Summit.


Participation and Attendance Expectations

  1. Adhere to team commitments, developed by and agreed-to by the entire 4-H All Star Ambassador team at the beginning of the term.
  2. Attend at least 80% of regularly planned 4-H All Star Ambassador team meetings.
  3. Required participation:
  • 4-H Open House & ChickenQue (May 2, 2021)
  • Plan and implement 4-H Achievement Night (date set by the ASA team: October TBA, 2021)
  • Coordinate at least one team service project; and participate in at least two other team service projects
  • 4-H Open House & ChickenQue (May 1, 2022)
  1. Participate in at least two additional leadership roles at a county event of your choice.
  2. Participate in at least three community service activities of your choice.


4-H All Star Ambassador serve in the highest 4-H leadership role in Sonoma County 4-H. The 4-H Ambassador rank not only recognizes a member's leadership abilities, but it is also a working honor. As Ambassadors, they serve as role models for their fellow 4-H members. 4-H Ambassadors develop a plan of action to strengthen the 4-H program and their community.

4-H Ambassadors are liaisons between the county 4-H office, 4-H members and volunteers, and the public. They visit 4-H clubs in their county, network with other organizations within the community, and represent their county at the annual 4-H State Leadership Conference. 4-H Ambassadors are role models for their fellow 4-H members and their community.

4-H County Ambassadors is a statewide program with a long and proud history.

Time Commitment: 15 months, from May 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022. This provides a four-month overlap (May to August 2021) with the outgoing 4-H Ambassador team.


  • Candidates must be at least 14 years old on or before December 31, 2021.
  • Candidates must be eligible to be a 4-H youth member from July 1, 2021, to June 30, 2022, the 2021-2022 program year. See 4-H membership policies.
  • Candidates must have completed at least one year of membership in 4-H.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated leadership experience and skills. This may be demonstrated either through a Gold Star or through mastery of a project as demonstrated by at least 6 hours of instruction, 40 hours of significant leadership roles, 30 hours of citizenship and/or community service, and 10 public speaking engagements. Having a gold star is NOT a
  • Completing a 4-H Record Book is NOT a requirement
2018-2019 Ambassadors/Rising Stars

All Star Ambassador

  • Jaden Varville

Rising Stars

  1. Jane Crosby
  2. Megan Donaldson
  3. Corianna Edwards
  4. Jaylee Edwards
  5. Meghan Hill