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Protection From Wildfire Smoke

Protecting Outdoor Workers From Wildfire Smoke

Newly adopted regulation §5141.1 “Protection from Wildfire Smoke,” uses the local air quality index (AQI) for PM 2.5 to determine when worker protections are needed.

If employers reasonably anticipate that employees may be exposed to wildfire smoke, they must:

  • Monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) for PM 2.5
  • Provide training to workers, including how to determine AQI, identify health effects of wildfire smoke exposure, and how to use NIOSH-approved respirators
  • Establish worker protection procedures, including a plan to reduce worker exposure to wildfire smoke
  • Communicate the above workplace procedures to staff and employees

To assist employers meet requirements outlined in regulation §5141.1, the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety at UC Davis developed the an employer check list and training posters accompanied with discussion guides in both English and Spanish (Linked below). 

For more resources related to Wildfire Health Safety visit: https://aghealth.ucdavis.edu/wildfires

For more information about Worker Safety Standards During Wildfire please visit: https://www.dir.ca.gov/dosh/wildfire/worker-protection-from-wildfire-smoke.html