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Strategies to Increase Throughput
NMPAN Webinars
Meat Inspection
Meat Processor Financial Assistance
LPCA Plant: Odessa, WA
Meat Processing Equipment
Plant Design and Construction
Meat Processing Feasibility Studies
Humane handling
Niche Meat Processor Case Studies
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How much dry ice is required to ship meat via 2-day service? Can gel freezer packs be used to keep meat frozen? The weight of the meat would range from 5 to 20 pounds. Is there a preferred styrofoam c...
On average, how much would the hanging weight be of a 150 lb. live lamb?
What are the nine states that have Talmadge-Aiken plants?
What do "lip on" and "lip off" mean for buying rib eye steaks?
Can I sell meat at the farmers market?
How can I transport my frozen meats safely to/from the processor or the market?
Can I ship meats? How? Where can I find packing materials to ship meats?
What does "natural" really mean for meat? Isn't "natural beef" a meaningless term because it only means that the product is minimally processed with no additives or preservatives, which is true for mo...
What is a “custom slaughter” facility?
Can I sell meat directly off my farm?
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