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For Project and Club Leaders

For Project Leaders

The Project Leaders' Digest provides you with a wealth of information about being a project leader.

Project Leader Checklist:This checklist is designed to assist 4-H project leaders in preparing to implement their project(s) prior to meeting with youth (Revised 10/2017)

Teaching Techniques This article deals with teaching techniques and management
styles. A wise teacher once observed, "If a child isn't interested, you can't teach him. If he is interested, you can't keep him from learning." 

4-H Projects proficiency requirements help members achieve goals and help leaders create curriculum.

Project Sheets are on the State 4-H site and provide curriculum for some projects.

4-H Project Curriculum - Coming soon 

4hOnline - Project Leader Login

Learn how to log on and to view and evaluate project member reports with this 4hOnline Help Sheet for Project Leaders. You will need you Project leader Password to view your current Project roster.

Clover Safety Notes

Safety is an important part of 4-H projects!  The University has developed a 4-H Safety Manual to help leaders help youth stay safe. 

Zero Interest Loans for 4-H Livestock Project

Zero Interest Ag Loans are available from Community First Credit Union; low-interest Ag Loans are available from Grange Credit Union. Ag Loans allow 4-H and FFA students a chance to learn about the loan process.  They learn about borrowing and paying back a loan, creating a Business Plan, and how to earn a credit score!  

Limitations of the Authority of Volunteers

Limitations of the Authority of Volunteers
Volunteers may not sign contracts of any kind on behalf of University of California or 4-H, nor otherwise obligate the Regents of the University of California in any way. All agreements with outside organizations, agencies and individuals must be executed by an authorized UC employee (at county level the county director), and must comply with all applicable UC policies and procedures governing the particular transaction. 

4-H adult volunteers cannot charge for services or lessons they provide as a 4-H adult volunteer. Project activities must be performed free of any charges. No payment to a 4-H adult volunteer or junior/teen leader for 4-H services may be accepted or solicited.

Facility Use Agreement

Please complete the Facility Use / Insurance Form(s) below for all 4-H organized meetings, activities and events.  This information will help us process your insurance needs more quickly and efficiently.  It is to be completed for all meetings, activities and events, even if a formal Facility Use Agreement is not required.  This serves also as a record for insurance and planning purposes.

All Facility Use requests must be processed by the 4-H Office. Please mail (4-H Office, 133 Aviation Blvd., Suite 109, Santa Rosa, CA 95403), fax (707-565-2623) or email (cesonoma4h@ucanr.edu) any Facility Use Agreements or Contracts to the 4-H office. Volunteers are NOT to sign any contracts, agreements or applications.

Facility Use / Insurance: Meetings (Club, Project, County)

This is a great way to finance your market animal projects, whether you are doing steers, lambs, hogs, goats, chickens, or rabbits. The best part of this program is that once the 4-H or FFA student pays back the loan after fair, the lender will report their credit score and they can begin earning credit before they turn 18! This gives them an advantage when it comes time to buying their first car, getting college loans, or getting their first apartment because they will have already established credit.

Community First Credit Union
Local Ag-Biz Loan

  • Zero Interest Loan
  • Borrow from $100 to $2,500
  • Complete details and loan application

Contact: Rebecca Nystrom Brito

Sonoma County Grange Credit Union
4-H & FFA Ag Loan Program

  • Zero Interest OR 3% fixed interest 
    (see link for details)
  • $25 membership fee if not a member
  • Complete details and loan application


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