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About the Project

The Wildlife project is open to any member who loves the outdoors and nature and wants to know more about the pieces and parts and how they work together. 

Wildlife is a project that focuses on habitat, basic scientific and ecological principles and concepts, especially as they pertain to this year's topic "Natural Connections in Food Webs." 

We will investigate the relationships between plants and animals and how they fit into food chains and food webs and how they affect the balance of life. The studies will be divided up into several Sonoma County habitats such as woodlands, cultivated lands, wet lands and ranch lands. 

We will have at least one field trip. This visit will enable the members to observe the riparian habitat and explore the banks and surrounding areas. And, we'll have a good time doing it.
Members are expected to do a research report and give a presentation at one of the meetings, and to share their opinions and ideas with an open mind. We do environmental ed activities to learn concepts.
The project usually meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 4-5:30pm, see the schedule for meeting dates and location. No meeting in November and December meeting is the first Wednesday.

Our focus this year is Birds of Sonoma County, and beyond. We will learn about their habitats, what they eat, what eats them and how we can help them. This subject lends itself to time in observation so we will plan some birding trips with experts to learn more about our local Birds.  Join with our leadership team - Emily, Gianna and Tyler, to upgrade your ability to identify birds on the wing, in the tree tops, or even sitting on the nest, and what you can do to entice them to visit your yard.
For questions, contact the County Wildlife Project Leader, Mary Engebreth Maryengebreth@comcast.net (707)996-4866 or assistant, Karen Giovannini kgiovannini@ucdavis.edu
This project is under Gateway 4-H


4pm - 5:30 pm
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Mushrooms forest floor

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Mary Engebreth Maryengebreth@comcast.net 

Karen Giovannini kgiovannini@ucdavis.edu

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