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Sudden Oak Death

For Homeowners, Land managers and Arborists

Matteo Garbelotto, Sudden oak death expert and forest pathologist talks about Sudden Oak Death and Oak Drought Management Workshop from 6-8 pm at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, 282 High Street, Sebastopol. Free. Register here.

Dr. Garbelotto is a sudden oak death expert and forest pathologist at UC Berkeley. He has been studying SOD since it was first found in California, his lab developed the phosphonate (Agrifos) treatment. He studies SOD spread and distribution and is responsible for the SOD Blitz citizen science project which has been mapping disease in coastal California for 8 years.

SOD Blitz 2015

The Sonoma County SOD Blitz will take place the weekend of May 30th at three locations in Sonoma County. Sample the California bay laurel and tanoaks in your area to check for active SOD infection.

Register and find out more here: http://ucanr.edu/sodblitz2015

Meetings in 3 locations May 30th, 10-11 a.m.

Graton: Graton Community Club, Main & N. Edison, Graton, CA 95444

Santa Rosa: Spring Lake Park, Environmental Discovery Center, North Entrance, Violetti Rd.

Cloverdale: Cloverdale Historical Society, 215 North Cloverdale Blvd.

Contact: lkbell@ucanr.edu


Swiecki book_small

Excellent publication, free. Click on image.


360 Sonoma County trees were sampled. See Results here.

The Sonoma County samples are very high quality this year.  Lots of symptomatic leaves, good GPS points and correct ID on almost everything, and lots of participants.  You all are doing a marvelous job! -Toni, UC Berkeley Forest Pathology & Mycology Lab


Oak ID

Common Oaks in Sonoma County

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SOD Program Poster

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Get answers to your SOD questions, click link below.




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