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Sudden Oak Death

SOD: Educating Homeowners

On a Saturday morning in June, 35 people attended a sudden oak death (SOD) educational talk and local disease update at our UCCE office. More than half of the people who attended were unfamiliar with the disease, letting us know that we continue to find new people with our outreach. In this 2-hour session, Master Gardener specialists described disease history, biology, and treatment.

Common Oaks of Sonoma County
Common Oaks of Sonoma County
Attendees left informed about what can be done for diseased trees on their property, or if they have no disease, how to avoid infection. These talks are given by the Master Gardeners at different locations around the county, periodically throughout the year and on request.

Often the first question asked is “What kind of oak is this and is it susceptible to SOD?” See photos below for common oaks of Sonoma County (click on the picture for a larger version).  

2014 SOD Blitz: All but the results

Good job Citizen Scientists! 360 Sonoma County trees were sampled during the April 19th weekend SOD Blitz. And according to Toni at the UC Berkeley lab that processes these leaves:

The Sonoma samples are very high quality this year.  Lots of symptomatic leaves, good GPS points and correct ID on almost everything, and lots of participants.  You all are doing a marvelous job!

Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned. We should know the results in August.

A Reference Manual for Managing Sudden Oak Death in California

A new publication from the USDA Forest Service by Swiecki and Bernhardt, December 2013.

Excellent, free, see it here. It covers what we know, what we don't know, about:

  • Identification
  • Management before, during and after infection
  • Sanitation
  • Monitoring
  • Restoration

2013 SOD Blitz

The results are in, see them HERE.

What are your concerns about SOD?


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