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4-H club officers are elected annually in accordance with the club's constitution and bylaws.  Under the guidance of the 4-H community club leader and/or the officer's advisor, officers are responsible for a particular part of the 4-H club's function.  Generally, 4-H clubs have a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and sergeant at arms.  However, 4-H units may have additional officers according to their constitution and bylaws. Other activities and events may be planned by a committee. 

Together, the 4-H club officer team is responsible for the administration of the 4-H club and its programs. Club officers plan and carry out community club meetings. This process engages officers by encouraging them to learn experientially. The officer advisor serves as a facilitator, counselor, resource provider, and coach to the officers.

NEW 4-H Officers Manual

President and Vice President

Treasurer Report
Treasurer's Award information and checklist

Additional information for the Treasurer:  

  1. Checks cannot be made out to “Cash.” The University will not accept this.
  2. A person may not be a signor on a check made out to themselves or a family member.
  3. Two family members may not sign a check.
  4. Memo line must be filled in completely ie: “project supplies” or “scholarship.”   Incorrect, a person’s name or “4-H.” This is too vague. The memo needs to describe the purchase.

Corresponding Secretary

Editor's Award information and entry form or Editor's Award information and entry form 



Sergeant at Arms

Song and Recreation

Choose Health Officer Guide (Cornell University Cooperative Extension site)

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