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Fashion Revue (April)

2019 Fashion Revue

"California Beach Party"

Saturday, April 6, 2019
Youth Ag Leadership Center, Rohnert Park

Sonoma County 4-H Fashion Revue is a fun opportunity for Sonoma County 4-H members to show off the knowledge, skills and creativity they have used to create and present their various clothing or textile related projects. The goals of 4-H Fashion Revue are to inspire an appreciation of clothing, textiles, consumer science, and personal development. 

Fashion Show - While the Fashion Revue includes a Fashion Show, the Fashion Show is not judged! The show occurs after lunch and is a fun time for friends and family to see the members’ accomplishments.

Evaluating for the Sonoma County 4-H fashion Revue will be based on the information in the California 4-H Fashion Revue Guide for Evaluators which includes scorecards and sample questions to ask members. This is available at the State Fashion Revue website: http://4h.ucanr.edu/4-H_Events/SFD/SFR/

Members may enter multiple County and State Categories at the Sonoma County Fashion Revue, but a member may only have one entry per category and an entry may not be entered in multiple categories.

Age divisions – Age as of 12/31/2018

  • Primary 5 – 8 years old (not evaluated)
  • Junior 9 – 10 years old
  • Intermediate 11 – 13 years old
  • Senior 14 – 18 years old


County Only Categories

County Only Categories do not qualify for State Fashion Revue competition.
County Only Categories are open to all 4-H members – there are no project requirements for County categories.

Accessories – Create two or more different coordinating accessories made out of any material or combination of materials including:  fabric, leather, yarn, wire, embroidery floss, duct tape, seed beads, glass, or any other craft materials. The accessories must coordinate with each other and with the outfit the member chooses to wear with the accessories. The two accessories must be different types of accessories – two hair clips do not qualify, but it can be a hair clip and a bracelet.
Entry examples: belt, purse, wallet, slippers, jewelry, hat, scarf, gloves, hatband, hair accessories, phone holder, head band, etc.

4-H T-Shirt Challenge – Add 4-H related embellishments to an existing t-shirt or sweatshirt. You must include “4-H” and your club name. Use any variety of embellishing methods including: adding material, painting, dying, sewing, embroidering, trimming, gluing, cutting, appliquéing, etc. Entry must include a before and after picture.

Embellished – Creatively decorate an existing wearable garment using any variety of embellishing methods including: adding material, painting, dying, sewing, embroidering, trimming, gluing, cutting, appliquéing, etc. Entry must include a before and after picture.

Tie Dye Fabric County ChallengeUse any technique or pattern to create an item using tie dyed fabric. Member must tie dye the fabric before or after creating the item. The entry may be a garment or a non-wearable item. The entry should be appropriate for the skill level of the member. Entry examples: PJ’s, pillow case, blanket, shirt, etc. Entry must include a picture of the fabric before it is dyed.

Textile – Make a non-wearable item using any technique, any materials, and any pattern.
Entry examples: laptop carrier, shopping bag, garment bag, blanket, pillow case, animal blanket, home décor, placemat, holiday decoration, etc.

County and State Categories

For State information, rules and scorecards, see the State Fashion Revue website.

Traditional – Participants in this category will construct garment(s), showcasing sewing skills and the ability to coordinate an outfit. The outfit must contain at least one constructed garment; participants are encouraged to construct additional garments to complete the outfit. The garment(s) in this category must be sewn by the member as part of the Clothing & Textiles/Sewing Project.

Consumer Science Purchased, $40.00 Limit – Participants in this category will shop for an entire outfit with the total cost not to exceed $40.00, including shoes but not sales tax. Receipts from the current 4-H year are required for any item that is visible. Gifts, prior purchases, and items without receipts are not eligible for this category. Receipts from yard sales, etc. may be hand written. The member should consider value vs. cost, versatility, the shopping experience, and coordination of the outfit within the cost limit. There is no 4-H project requirement; any 4-H member may enter this category.

Box Challenge – For 2019: Red, White & Blue

Participants in this challenge will sew one or more garments that contain 3 colors – red, white, and blue. If one garment is sewn it has to contain all 3 colors. If more than one garment is sewn, the sewn garments together must contain the 3 colors. The fabrics(s) may contain other colors but the predominant colors must be red, white, and blue.

In addition, choose from the following elements that are in your box. Junior members must include at least one in their sewn garment(s). Intermediate members must include at least two. Senior members must include at least three. The garment(s) must be sewn by the member as part of the Clothing & Textiles/Sewing project.

In the box:

  • Buttons- must use at least 3 red, white or blue or combination. For Juniors they may be decorative. For Intermediates and Seniors, they must be functional.
  • Zipper- red, white or blue; functional not just decorative.
  • Trim – red, white or blue or a combination of colors – for example: rickrack, lace, piping, braid, bias tape binding, etc.
  • Contrast exposed lining (that shows) – for example: rolled up sleeves or pant legs
  • Collar, ruffle, or set-in sleeve
  • Handmade accessory – red, white, or blue, or combination of these colors

Make It Mine Challenge – Participants in this challenge will alter a commercial pattern or make your own pattern to achieve the fit and style you desire in a garment of your choice.

Option 1. Start with a fashion design drawing. Submit a picture of it.

Option 2. Start with an idea of what you want to make. Submit the written description.

Find a commercial pattern or patterns, or draw your own pattern to create a wearable garment. If you use one or more commercial patterns, submit the pattern number with a picture of the envelope front. Tell which part you used (skirt, sleeve, front with collar, pant leg, etc.). Tell how you modified the pattern to fit you or to create the look you wanted. If you draw your own pattern, tell how you made your pattern and how you figured out the instructions for creating your garment(s). There is no 4-H project requirement; any 4-H member may enter this category.

Retro/Historical Challenge – Participants in this challenge will create an outfit that is inspired by or looks like an old design using new fabric and notions. For this category, the design should be from before the year 2000. The entry must state the year or period of the design and include a drawing, photo, or description of the classic design that is being reproduced or duplicated. Add accessories to complete the outfit that are reminiscent of that time period. The outfit must feature at least one handmade garment made by the member. Other pieces of the outfit must be representational and recognizable as belonging to the same era as the hand made garment. The garment(s) in this challenge must be sewn by the member as part of the Clothing & Textiles/Sewing Project.

County Winners in the 2019 State Categories are eligible to compete at the State Fashion Revue on Saturday, June 1, 2019. Members may only bring one entry to the State Fashion Revue. If a County Winner is unable to enter State, then the County Medalist of the same category and age division is eligible to enter State. When a member is County Winner for more than one State Category, the member must choose one category to enter at State and then the County Medalist of the other category is eligible to enter in that category at State. See the State Fashion Revue website for the State manual.

2019 State Fashion Revue Service Projects

State Fashion Revue is coordinating two service projects for 2019:

Fidget Mats for Alzheimer’s Patients

Project using sewing, for Alzheimer's patients: Fidget Mats SFR 2019
Host a Service Project sewing event: Fidget Mats group project

Pet Play Toys for Animal Shelters

No Sew project for animal shelters: Pet Play Toys SFR 2019

See the State Fashion Revue website for more information and patterns for the service projects.

Questions & More Information

If you have any questions or need more information about the 4-H Fashion Revue, please email the committee: 
Heidi:   hmlavell@gmail.com
Naomi: weloveusa@comcast.net
Krista: kjwizner@comcast.net

Fashion Revue logo

Fashion Revue Calendar
Event Name Date
County Fashion Revue 4/4/2020

Fashion Revue Workshops are your opportunity to learn and practice Fashion Revue skills before the big event. We review the categories, explain what happens at Fashion Revue, and help members and their parents understand the whole process. This is a fun time to talk with other members interested in Fashion Revue. Come early to participate in a State Fashion Revue Community Service project.

2019 Workshop

Friday, Jan. 11, 2019,
YAL Center, Rohnert Park
Community Service: 5-6 PM
Workshop: 6-8 PM



You must turn in a complete entry form packet, including all data and pictures. The evaluators use this information!

Only Participant Forms will be accepted online. No online or email Category Entry Forms will be accepted.

Online Participant Entry Form – due midnight Monday, March 11, 2019

Printed Category Entry Forms – due 4PM Monday, March 25, 2019, at the Santa Rosa 4-H Office

Sample Category Entry Forms 

Category Descriptions Page 

Category Entry Info Chart

Proficiency Pin Requirements

Knowledge & Judging Contest

The Knowledge & Judging Contest will be held during the morning of the Fashion Revue. No pre-registration necessary. Any 4-H member may participate.

The test may be redesigned for 2019. A Study Guide is not currently available.

Fashion Design Contest

Design & draw a complete outfit with one of the croquis/templates below. One entry per person, see croquis for more entry rules.

More Information

CAUTION!! Some categories have changed! Refer to this site and the State Fashion Revue Site for details. See the State Guide for Evaluators for scorecards and information about how entries are evaluated.

State Fashion Revue Site
Learn about the event, entry categories and service projects.

Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule for the Sonoma County Fashion Revue.  Friends and family are invited to attend the Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony.

 8:00-8:15 Check-in

 8:30-Evaluators' orientation 

 8:30-Participants’ orientation

 9:00-Evaluation begins

10:00-Design Contest entries due

10:30-Design Contest voting starts

11:45-Design Contest voting closes

12:30-Lunch break

 1:30-Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony

County Fashion Revue Committee

Heidi Lavell - hmlavell@gmail.com  

Naomi Edwards - weloveusa@comcast.net 

Krista Leone - kjwizner@comcast.net

Historical Information

Information about previous years’ Fashion Revues

2013 Fashion Revue Results

2016 Fashion Revue info 

2017 Fashion Revue Info

2018 Fashion Revue Info