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Apple Educational Resources

UC ANR Organic Apple Production Manual
UC ANR Cost and Return Studies with Apple

Cider Apple Resources

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Dessert apples

Other Resources

Fruit Varieties by Paul Vossen
Pruning Basics by Paul Vossen

Orchard Floor Management by Vossen & Ingals
Tree & Berry Nursery Options List

Apple Irrigation and Fertilization (Coastal CA, UC ANR Cost Studies)
Irrigation: During summer months, orchards are irrigated 2 times per week using 3 acre-inches with each irrigation event. This helps promote fruit growth and sizing. 
Fertilization: Soil and leaf samples are taken once per year to help guide nutrient management practices. Soils are fertilized with ~125 lb per acre nitrogen per year. Nitrogen is best split into multiple smaller dose applications rather than only one large application. Leaf tissue analysis will indicate whether any tree nutrient deficiencies warrant additional applications, such as calcium, boron, or zinc. 


Olive Educational Resources 

UC ANR Organic Olive Production Manual
UC ANR Olive Production Manual
UC Davis Olive Center
Organic Nutrient Management in Olives 2023
Organic Olive Farm Ecology 2023

Olive Oil Standards
The Olive Oil Commission of California (OOCC) ensures labeling and quality standards of CA OO.
USDA Olive Oil and Olive-Pomace Oil Grades and Standards
CDFA Grading & Labeling Standards for Olive Oil, Sept 2014  
Summary Table of California Olive Oil Standards

Olive Oil Processing Resources
Olive Oil Cultivars
Processing & Quality
Olive Oil Production References
Olive Oil Yield
Olive Maturity Index

Olive Oil Evaluation

Growing Olives

Video: Pruning a Medium Density Olive Tree

Olive Oil Industry

Interview: Growing Production of Olives & Olive Oil in CA, Feb 2014