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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 

UC IPM website

What is IPM?
n ecosystem-based process for solving pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment.

What is a pest? 
An unwanted organism that damages or interferes with desirable plants. The term "pest" includes insect pests, plant pathogens, weeds, invertebrate pests, etc. 

IPM Outline

IPM for Common Pests in North Bay Area Crops

UC IPM Agricultural Crops List

Orchards & Berries

Apples & Pears
  - UC IPM Webpage for Apples
  - UC IPM Webpage for Fire Blight
  - UC IPM Webpage for Codling Moth
  - UC IPM Webpage for European Canker
  - Short article about Apple Branch Canker Management
  - First Report of Diplodia bulgarica by Dr. Karina Elfar et al. 2023
  - Fire Blight Presentation by Broc Zoller, The Pear Doctor (March 14, 2024)
  - Fire Blight IPM Presentation by Jim Adaskaveg, UC Riverside (March 14, 2024)
  - UC Riverside California Fruit and Nut Fungicides - Apple and Pear
  - Codling Moth IPM Anecdotes from Sonoma County - 2024
  - Codling Moth IPM by Jhalendra Rijal (UCCE) 2024
  - WSU's Codling Moth Management webpage
  - WSU's Apple Defects Guide 

Cane Berries
  - UC IPM Webpage for Cane Berries

  - UC IPM Webpage for Olives
  - UC IPM Webpage for Olive Fruit Fly
    - Olive Fruit Fly Identification Handout by Cindy Kron
    - OFF Life Cycle
    - Olive Fruit Fly Management Handout
    - CAPCA Article Published 12-2014
    - Olive Fruit Fly Handout
    - Sources of Products for Olive Fruit Fly Control
    - Olipe Trap for Olive Fruit Fly 
    - Olive Fruit Fly Notes from 2013
  - UC IPM Webpage for Olive Scale
  - UC IPM Webpage for Black Scale
  - Peacock Spot & Cercospora Foliar Diseases
  - Verticillium Wilt
  - Neofabraea vagabunda

  - UC IPM Webpage for Peaches
  - UC IPM Webpage for Peach Leaf Curl
    - Peach Leaf Curl Life Cycle Diagram
    - Peach Leaf Curl Management

  - UC IPM Webpage for Citrus
  - Asian Citrus Psyllid Quarantine Expanded (December 2023)
  - Topics in Subtropics: Shoot & Twig Dieback of Citrus
  - Colletotrichum Shoot Dieback of Citrus
  - UC IPM Webpage for Anthracnose in Citrus

  - UC IPM Webpage for Strawberries
  - UC IPM Webpage for Fusarium
  - UC IPM Webpage for Macrophomina
  - UC IPM Webpage for Verticillium Wilt


Cole Crops
  - UC IPM Webpage for Cole Crops

  - UC IPM Wepbage for Cucurbits
    - UC IPM Webpage for Cucumber Beetles
    - Short Cucumber Beetle Outline
  - Cucumber Beetles Webinar with Jasmin Ramirez Bonilla hosted by Margaret Lloyd, UCCE Small Farms Advisor
  - Scout IPPM App for Pumpkin and Squash

  - UC IPM Webpage for Lettuce
  - UC IPM Webpage for Leafminers
  - UC IPM Webpage for Downy Mildew

  - UC IPM Webpage for Peppers

  - UC IPM Webpage for Tomatoes
  - UC IPM Webpage for Flea Beetles
  - UC IPM Webpage for Thrips 
  -  Diagnosing tomato diseases - by Dr. Cassandra Swett, UC Davis (English and Spanish)

Annual Crop Systems
  - UC IPM website for symphylans
  - ATTRA Symphylans: Soil Pest Management Options

  - Symphylans Outline
  - Soil biodiversity - Amanda Hodson 4.10.2024
  - Identifying Symphylans - Kelton Welch 4.10.2024
  - Symphylans IPM PowerPoint by Ellie Andrews - April 2024
  - Symphylans Focus Group Summary 2023
  - Organic IPM for Soil Borne Diseases - Ellie Andrews 1.25.2024
  - Fusarium Management Presenation - Gabriel Sacher 1.25.2024

Orchard Crops Systems
  -Wood Decay Fungi Guide

All Crops

Gophers & Other Rodents
  - UC IPM website for gophers
  - Burrowing Rodents: developing a management plan for organic agriculture in California 
  - Pocket Gophers: Biology, status, control, and directions 
  - UCCE Video: how to trap pocket gophers in an orchard
  - Review of current tools for gopher management 
  - Gopher Control 
  - Pocket Gophers and Moles
  - Gophers Outline
  - Rodent IPM Notes from Peter Martinelli, Fresh Run Farm
  - Vertebrate Pest Control Handbook Online (recommended by Dr. Roger Baldwin, UCCE)
  - Ground Squirrel Best Management Practices (recommended by Dr. Roger Baldwin, UCCE)
  - Gopher, mole, and vole control in organic production - Dr. Roger Baldwin, UCCE, 2024
  - Managing for beneficial raptors - Dr. Breanna Martinico, UCCE, 2024

- Weed Photo Gallery
- Weed List

Other UC IPM Resources

- Efficacy Report 2022
- Fruit Tree Weed Control by Paul Vossen
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IPM Diagrams

There are many ways to visualize the IPM framework:

IPM Pyramid
IPM as a pyramid (from the University of Arkansas).
IPM Cycle
IPM as a cycle (from the University of Wyoming).
IPM Components
IPM as a cycle (from the EPA).