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Grapevine Pests and Diseases

Pierce's Disease Insect Vectors

Glassy Winged Sharpshooter identification.

Grape Pest Notes

Identification and monitoring information for arthropod grape pests and fungal diseases.

Grapevine Red Blotch Disease

Grapevine Red Blotch information and identification.
NOTICE: Vine loss due to Red Blotch is now eligible for USDA Farm Service Agency's Tree Assistance Program (TAP). Site inspection is required before pulling the vines. Contact local FSA office for details. 707-664-8593 or Lisa.velasquez@ca.usda.gov

Leafroll Virus

Leafroll Virus information and identification.

Mealybugs in Vineyards

Vine mealybug identification and control.

Moth/Worm Pests in Vineyards

European Grapevine Moth, Light Brown Apple Moth and Other Leafrollers