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Rhonda J Smith, Viticulture Farm Advisor Emeritus

Winegrape production in Sonoma County totals over five hundred million dollars annually and accounts for the greatest revenue of all agricultural crops in the county.  The viticulture program provides education and outreach to winegrape growers to improve viticultural practices and address issues facing viticulture in the county.

The Viticulture Farm Advisor worked with commercial growers and University of California faculty and Extension Specialists to conduct research in the following areas:

  • Pest Management
  • Irrigation
  • Pierce's Disease
  • Berry Shrivel
  • Plant Growth Regulators
  • Red Blotch Disease

Note: Those interested in a hobby vineyard should consult the Sonoma County Master Gardeners.

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July 2020, Rhonda Smith wrapped up a fruitful career as Viticulture Advisor for Sonoma County.

Read about her career by writer Tim Tesconi. View a list of her peer reviewed publications.

One of her many accomplishments was being a part of the UC IPM Team that helped eradicate European Grapevine Moth in Sonoma County. The team was awarded an International IPM Award for Recognition at the 2018 International IPM Symposium, and the UCANR Distinguished Service Team Award.

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