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Christopher C. L. Chen, Integrated Vineyard Systems Advisor

The variety of winegrapes grown in northern California is astounding and includes more than sixty cultivars planted to over 500 acres. In Sonoma County alone, winegrape production totals over seven hundred million dollars annually and accounts for the greatest revenue of all agricultural crops in the county.  The UCCE viticulture program provides education and outreach to winegrape growers to improve viticultural practices and address issues facing viticulture in the county.

The Integrated Vineyard Systems Advisor works with commercial growers and University of California faculty and Extension Specialists to conduct research, provide community outreach, and act as a source of information in the following areas:

  • Drought
  • Irrigation
  • Vine health
  • Salt toxicity
  • Pest and disease prevention and management
  • Vineyard design and establishment

Note: Those interested in a hobby vineyard should consult the Sonoma County Master Gardeners.

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Christopher Chen started as the Integrated Vineyard Systems Advisor for Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake Counties in January 2022.

In 2021 he earned his Ph.D. from UC Davis and his M.Sc. from UC Davis in 2018. His background in horticulture and agronomy with specialization in viticulture follow him to northern California where he hopes to be of help to the wine industry.

Christopher's previous work focused on heat damage reduction on winegrapes in Napa Valley and rootstock tolerance to saline soils at UC Davis. He has a background in both field and greenhouse-based viticulture research.

Examples of his past work can be found by clicking the link here.

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