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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about Agriculture, People, & Farming Communities

Learning about Language Justice in Farming

Question: I'd like to learn more about how to bring more equitable language justice to my farm and farm events. Where can I start? 

Here are some options:


Learning about Native Land 

Question: I'd like to learn more about Native land and food systems in our region. Where can I start? 

Here are some options:

  • Learn about how agriculture has historically and currently relies on Indigenous agricultural resources, such as land, plant material for breeding, ecologically-oriented management practices, conservation techniques, etc.
  • Learn about local Native-led organizations focused on farming and food sovereignty.
  • Strive to build reciprocal relationships with Indigenous people, growers, communities, tribes, and food systems focused organizations.

Resources relevant for UC ANR Extension folks:

  • Before reading a land acknowledgement statement, consider key messages from this video panel. When reading a land acknowledgement, consider sharing followup resources as well where people can learn more about next steps. 

Thank you, Samantha Hilborn-Naluai, UC Davis Horticulture and Agronomy Graduate December 2020, for your contributions and guidance on this topic.