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Match.Graze is a free online platform that connects livestock producers and landowners throughout the state of California. Whether you're a landowner seeking a small flock of sheep to mow your back 40, or a producer in search of seasonal pasture for a goat herd, Match.Graze can help you pair up with the animals or land base that you need! With this service, University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) aims to support the expanded use of grazing to achieve California's collective habitat enhancement and fuels reduction goals.

Created by UCCE and South Dakota Soil Health Coalition, the Match.Graze map displays pertinent data from individuals that have voluntarily submitted information to the database, such as acreage or animal type available, forage characteristics, approximate location, and contact information. Search the map to find an answer to your personal grazing needs.

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But Why Graze?

Preserve and Enhance Natural Resources: Managed grazing enhances habitats and native biological diversity.

Manage Fire Fuels: Livestock grazing reduces fire fuels and is particularly effective in places that are too steep to mow or too close to communities to burn.

Manage Weeds: Thoughtfully managed grazing can help control weed species.

Support Local Agriculture: Livestock grazing provides a source for local meat and dairy, reduces the carbon footprint of meat production, and promotes a strong local food economy.