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Oak Woodlands

Oak woodlands provide valuable habitat for native wildlife throughout California and are associated with hundreds of vertebrate species and thousands of invertebrate species. California's oak-dominated hardwood rangelands total approximately 10 million acres statewide.

Oak Woodland Resources

Oak Regeneration & Propagation

Tree Oaks of California's North Coast

Click on the photo links below for detailed information about each of the tree oak species found
in our area:


Photo credits (left to right): © 2006 George W. Hartwell, J. E.(Jed) and Bonnie McClellan, © 2005 California Academy of Sciences, © 2002 Timothy D. Ives, Margo Bors © 2007 CA Native Plant Society, © 2002 Timothy D. Ives, © 1983 Dean Wm. Taylor, © 2003 BonTerra Consulting.