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Watershed Management

David Lewis - Watershed Management Advisor

"Watershed management is the process of organizing and guiding land and other resource use on a watershed to provide desired goods and services without adversely affecting soil and water resources. Embedded in the concept of watershed management is the recognition of the interrelationships among land use, soil, and water, and linkages between uplands and downstream areas."
(Brooks et al., 1997)

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The Watershed Management Program provides scientifically-based education to maintain viable natural resource management and agricultural production while conserving, protecting, and restoring watershed functions. Specific areas of program research and education include:
  • Point and nonpoint source pollution management
  • Links between agricultural and natural resource management practices and watershed beneficial uses
  • Water demand and irrigation technology
  • Coho salmon recovery in the Russian River

The Watershed Advisor collaborates with landowners, watershed-planning groups, and resource agencies to develop and implement scientifically sound watershed management plans and policies.