Small-scale farming and urban animal agriculture survey

Oct 6, 2016

The following comes from Dr. Alda Pires at UC Davis. Please consider participating in the survey.

Survey to identify the needs of small-scale farms and Urban animal agriculture Producers in the Western States of the US: livestock and poultry owners

The growing numbers of small-scale farms (SSFs) (1) and peri-urban and urban animal agriculture farms (UA) has increased the need for Extension specialists and veterinarians focused on small-scale and backyard livestock production(2).  We are seeking your help in this needs assessment regarding animal health concerns on small-scale farms and for peri-urban and urban animal agriculture in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State. This study is led by Dr. Alda Pires (University of California), Dr. Dale Moore (Washington State University) and Dr. Ragan Adams (Colorado State University).

The increasing popularity of local food production and sustainability has put small-scale farming and urban animal agriculture at the forefront. Your input is very important in better understanding this food sector and would be greatly appreciated.

This survey aims to identify the needs of livestock and poultry owners related to animal health, animal husbandry and food safety; and the role that veterinarians play on small farms. This study will serve as a benchmark for designing effective educational programs to train farmers, backyard producers and veterinarians working within this sector.

Your participation is essential for this needs assessment. The survey will take about 15-20 minutes of your time. The survey can be accessed here:

All your answers will remain completely confidential and no personal information about you will be recorded. You have the option to not participate and you can quit the survey at any time. This project is approved by the UC Davis, WA and CO University Institutional Review Boards.

We thank you for your time and your commitment to small-scale farming and urban animal agriculture.

Should you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact me directly (Alda Pires at 530 754 9855,


By John M Harper
Author - Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor - Emeritus