Future UCCE Prescribed Grazing Range Research

Jan 5, 2010

Below is some exciting news that will impact Lake & Mendocino County livestock grazers. I'll be participating in some of the effort so stay tuned for more information.

Prescribed Grazing Research Funded –

Cooperative Extension Specialist Ken Tate has been awarded a three-year, $484,488 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture  for his project entitled, “Prescribed grazing to restore rangeland soil quality, plant diversity, water quality and agricultural productivity.” Others working with Tate include Assistant Professor Valerie Eviner, Cooperative Extension Specialist Mel George, graduate student Leslie Roche, Toby O’Geen, assistant soil research specialist in Cooperative Extension from Land, Air and Water Resources and Assistant Professor Mark Lubell from Environmental Science and Policy.

The team will survey 1,500 ranchland managers to help determine social-cultural-economic-institutional factors driving grazing decisions and understand how managers receive, assess and use grazing management information. They will quantify the differential effects of season and intensity of cattle grazing, and associated interactions, on multiple ecosystem services. Finally, they will develop an online network that allows users to access research-and-management-derived information about prescribed grazing and restoration; receive assistance in developing grazing management and effectiveness monitoring options for site specific restoration applications; and participate in interactive prescribed grazing/restoration information exchange.

By John M Harper
Author - Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor - Emeritus