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Livestock and Range Management

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  • Sonoma Sustainable Initiative a multidisciplinary approach to managing working landscapes in Sonoma County.
  • Drought Management strategies for livestock & range management.
  • Value Chain Analysis - These economic impact analyses provided estimates of how each agricultural business, dairy, grass-fed beef and grain operations, affect both job creation and generate business and tax revenue in the North Bay.

Livestock & Range Management

  • Grass-fed Livestock - Includes a video produced by UCCE Sonoma County outlining grass-fed livestock management practices as well as links to a variety of resources.
  • Grazing Management Fact Sheets addresses styles of grazing management, carrying capacity and reasons to graze.
  • Grazing on Public Lands fact sheets designed to educate park visitors about the importance of working landscapes.
  • Rangeland Ecosystem Services - Includes information on different ecosystem services, existing ecosystem services markets, valuation tools, mitigation banks and government programs. 

    Additional Local Resources
  • Fact Sheets - Pasture management and rangeland management fact sheets.
  • Our Rangelands Curriculum: Exploring the Rangelands of Sonoma County and Beyond - lesson plans for grades 4 through 6.
  • Sonoma Creek Watershed Grazing Waiver - UCCE assistance for landowners in this watershed.

    Additional Publications & Resources
  • Posters - resource information for poster sessions starting in 2020.
  • Publications - links to resources and sites about livestock and range management.
  • UC Rangelands resources for livestock and range managers.



Stephanie Larson - Livestock & Range Management Advisor

The livestock and range program works with ranchers and producers, addressing such topics as animal health and welfare, marketing, and the management of range and natural resources.

The livestock and range program also cooperates with local resource agencies, conducting research in the wise stewardship of lands, humane methods of predator control, and sustainable agriculture for the livestock industry.


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