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Integrated Pest Management

The IPM program works with the agricultural industry in the research and implementation of alternative pest control methods, in order to decrease the use of pesticides. The current emphasis in the North Coast is on pest management systems for wine grapes, olives, walnuts and pears.

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IPM Advisor

Cindy Kron
We are pleased to welcome Cindy Kron, PhD as our Area Wide IPM Advisor for Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties. Blog announcement.

Twitter: @NorthCoastIPM

Cindy is a graduate of UC Davis, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Viticulture and Enology, minoring in Agricultural Pest Management, then went on to earn her Doctorate in Entomology.

Dr Kron was recently a Research Entomologist for USDA in their Crop Disease, Pests, and Genetics research unit where she continued her post-doc study of the three-cornered alfalfa hopper.

“My experiences have motivated me to help growers, stakeholders, and the industry solve agricultural pest management problems through applied research by identifying IPM strategies and tactics that are economically feasible and implementable while having the lowest environmental impact.”

Lucia 2013
Dr. Lucia G. Varela, IPM Advisor Emeritus

Dr Varela retired after an impactful career as the IPM Advisor for the North Coast. A list of her peer reviewed publications are available here

As part of the UC IPM European Grapevine Moth Team that helped eradicate the pest in Sonoma County, the team was awarded an International IPM Award for Recognition at the 2018 International IPM Symposium. This team also received the UCANR Distinguished Service Team Award.