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Post-Fire Recovery

UCCE Wildfire Recovery Find resources for all your wildfire recovery questions.  Topics include: Landscape Restoration, Forest Recovery, Livestock Resources, and Vineyard Resources.

County of Sonoma Recovery Resources 

CalOES - California Wildfire Statewide Recovery Resources

Financial Assistance 

Forest and Wildlands Fire Recovery Resources 

Farm, Ranch and Crop Fire Recovery Resources 

Food Safety after Urban Wildfire 

Retardant After the Fire 


Financial Assistance 

Local Assistance Funds

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Wildfire Relief Fund: donations will be used to support farmers and ranchers, their livestock, and all the damage that is discovered after the fire, as well as training efforts.  Funds will also go to the evacuation centers at the Sonoma County and Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds.  

Sonoma county Grape Grower Foundation Farmworker Resiliency Fund: supports ag workers and their families who were displaced from their homes, lost wages or were impacted by the fire.  The fund will serve to assist any workers who are employed by a farmer, rancher or an agricultural employer in Sonoma County.  

Grants and Loans for Disasters 

Forest and Wildland Fire Recovery Resources

Video of UC ANR Webinar, Sept. 2020 - After the Fire: What to do on the land and what to avoid

UCCE Forest Recovery Resources Page 

Assessing Oaks - UC Berkeley

NRCS - Post Fire Disaster Resources

Planning and Permitting Forest Fuel Reduction Flowchart - a visual decision tree to help decide the best course of action.  For more information about the different permits and process discussed on the flowchart read Planning and Permitting Forest Fuel Reduction  

UC ANR provides short webinars and presentations on post-fire management for Forests & Woodlands

Farm, Ranch and Crop Fire Recovery Resources 

Crop Loss Reporting: Sonoma county department of Agriculture will be asking property owners report potential damage and/or loss sustained from disasters.  This information will be used to compile a damage assessment report for Sonoma county in order to qualify Sonoma County for federal assistance.  

Fire Damage Survey is a fallible pdf, hit submit when complete and it will open an email with the completed survey attached.  You can then send it.  

It is imperative that you keep records of everything that pertains to the loss (e.g. photo documentation, receipts, tests, correspondence).  See Documenting Disaster Losses (pdf). Crops rejected due to smoke taint documentation includes: rejection letter, a copy of test results showing smoke taint, and keep track of what happens to the crop.  If vines, see: Should You Drop Unsold Fruit or Leave it on the Vine?

Learn what to do for rangelands - oak savannas, chaparral and woodlands, after recent fires with Seeding Rangelands after Wildfire

UC ANR offers short webinars and presentations for post-fire management of Livestock, Rangelands, Wildlife, for Vineyards & Orchards and for Soils & Produce 

Soil Testing

Some technical guidance tip sheets and powerpoints that may be helful can be found here: