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Drought in Sonoma County

1. Drought in Sonoma County

Link to Drought Loss Survey https://qrgo.page.link/inb4s
Strategies for Drought in Sonoma County

CA Water Boards and Russian River Watershed Diversions

2. 2021 Drought Resources

Drought Resources for Sonoma & Marin Counties

June 2021 - North Bay Drought Webinar: Drought Resilience

    • Webinar recordings - click on video then click on YouTube to view full screen:
      Crops & Orchards Dairy, Livestock and Rangeland

May 2021 - North Bay Drought Webinar: Actions to Take Now

    • Q&A from webinar - English
    • Preguntas y respuestas - en Español
    • Webinar recordings - click on video then click on YouTube to view full screen:
      Crops & Orchards Funding and Relief Programs Dairy, Livestock and Rangeland
      Cultivos y huertos Programas de financiamiento y ayuda Lechería, ganadería y pastizales

3. UC ANR Drought Resources

4. Other Drought Resources

California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) - Drought Resources for farmers, rangers and farm workers. Includes grant information.

California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative (CAWSI) viable approaches to ag water management.

California Water Boards - FAQs about water rights, pre-1914 appropriative water rights, obtaining water right permit, rainwater harvest, stockponds and more.

Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies Drought Research. University of Nebraska Institute of ANR.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service - Drought Programs & Resources. The support programs and resources included in this publication are geared specifically to the California drought, but do contain links and information to national resources good for the whole country.

Resource Conservation District's: the RCD's work with landowners on a variety of land and water resource management issues:

Drought. Photo from Pixabay

Water Stewardship for agriculture with California Agriculture Water Stewardship Initiative.

USDA programs for drought relief:

U.S. Drought Monitor map released every Thursday. Many relief agencies use this map to determine the programs they will offer.

5. 2015 North Bay Drought Workshop Presentations

6. Water & Drought Management Series by FarmsReach

As the effects of California's historic drought continue to persist, farmers and ranchers of all experience levels are looking for better ways to prepare for the future. FarmsReach created a Water & Drought Management Series: