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Local Food & Aid the Community

Where to get Local Food/Ag Products

Buying and handling groceries during the coronavirus crisis

Is takeout safe? A UC Davis virologist shares how to stay healthy and support local restaurants

Local farms that provide local agricultural products by Sonoma County Farm Trails including:

CropMobster an exchange platform for trading food and local resources.

FEED Sonoma FEED.bin box delivery program.

Meat resources for consumers looking for small-scale raised meat and wanting to support high-quality producer, processors, and butchers. We also include some food safety suggestions at the end of the page. Created and maintained by Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network.

Resource Guide by Petaluma Bounty to provide information on where to find food in Petaluma during the "shelter in place" order to include free meals and groceries, meals for seniors, farmers markets, grocery stores, restaurants, and CSA's.
Volunteer/Aid the Community

If you can volunteer to help meet our community’s need, check out the Sonoma County Food Recovery Coalition’s web page.

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County Emergency COVID-19 needs.

Emergency Food Provider Resources

Resources from Connecting Across the Food System for COVID-19 Emergency Food Response Webinar held on 3/23:

For broader food systems resources, we hope to continue to update this website going forward and offer future webinar installments, as needed. For day-to-day work on the topic of emergency food response, please look to the Sonoma County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) Food Group to stay up-to-date.

Contact Mimi Enright at menright@ucanr.edu to be included in the COAD list

Coronavirus FAQs

**NEW Coronavirus in Human and Animal Health by Gabriel Maier, Cooperative Extension Specialist for Beef Cattle Herd Health and Production

**NEW FAQ's from CDC includes general information about the virus but also information about pets and animals.