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Emerald Star Program

About the Program


The Emerald Star program is designed to help youth learn about project planning, organization, and presentation. In general, the Emerald Star project's purpose includes:

  1. Providing an opportunity for 4-H members to develop projects in their community or in 4-H beyond the club level.
  2. Improving, creating, and expanding 4-H programs.
  3. Helping individual 4-H members grow and improve in the areas of organization, leadership, and project planning. This is not a cumulative award; it is achieved by application, filing a plan of action, interviews (beginning and ending), completion of plan and evaluation.


Project Design:

  1. A new and innovative idea.
  2. An event, activity or area of project work that will benefit the county 4-H Program. This includes: a community activity involving a group to serve a need or educational purpose or recreating a past or present event/activity/program with a different design plan unique to you.

This is a star rank awarded for a plan of leadership work in the 4-H program. This is not a cumulative award; it is achieved by application,  pre and post project interviews, and completion of action plan and evaluation.  

You will be working with the Sonoma County 4-H Council (CCC) to complete your project. At least 3 Council members will serve as the Emerald Star Committee.


Clover Buddies 
by Erica Larson, 2013 Emerald Star recipient

How to Get Buyers to Buy in to You by Savannah Schell, 2015 Emerald Star recipient

Emerald Star Application


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  • A 4-Her who wishes to participate must submit a plan of action for approval to the Emerald Star Committee (CCC) PRIOR TO THE WORK  BEING DONE and submit a complete plan of action for evaluation at completion of the project.
  • The Emerald Star rank award is not a prerequisite to becoming an All Star. To be eligible for the Emerald Star, the applicant must be at least 14 years old, and/or a graduate of 8th grade, and have achieved the Gold Star rank. 
  • The work being done to achieve an Emerald Star is not done on a cumulative basis. This work is to be completed within one calendar year of the time of entry interview. The Emerald Star can be received one time.                                    
  • The work of the Emerald Star applicant is not part of the Jr/Teen work that the applicant does and is not part of the Jr/Teen Leadership Development program.  This is an additional area of leadership that members may select.  Emerald Star recipients will be announced at the yearly Achievement Night Program.


  1. Currently be enrolled in the 4-H program. 
  2. Hold the rank of Gold Star.
  3. Be at least 14 years old, and/or a graduate of 8th grade.
  4. Present an action plan of proposed leadership work to be offered on a multi-club basis, district, county, or area level or representing 4-H in the community, during the following year.
  5. Be prepared to handle any financial cost involved to complete the plan of action. It is not permissible to apply to CCC for funding.
  6. The 4-Her may apply as an individual or a group of individuals. Groups are limited to four persons. When submitting the plan for a group, one plan will need to be submitted, with each person’s responsibilities clearly defined.
  7. If in a group, each individual in that group will come to the interviews.