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Fashion Revue (April)

Sonoma County 4-H Fashion Revue is a fun opportunity for Sonoma County 4-H members to show off the knowledge, skills and creativity they have used to create various clothing or textile related entries. The goals of 4-H Fashion Revue are to inspire an appreciation of clothing, textiles, consumer science, and personal development.


    • Fashion Revue Workshop & Informational Meeting: 
      Friday, November 17th @ 6:30pm at YAL Center

  • Sonoma 4-H Fashion Revue 2024
    Sunday, April 21st 2024 at the YAL Center

for the Sonoma County 4-H Fashion Revue is based on the information in the State Fashion Revue's SFR Guide which includes scorecards and sample questions to ask participants. This guide is available at the State Fashion Revue website. Evaluation of all categories includes: value vs. cost, versatility of entry, coordination, knowledge gained while creating entry, presentation, overall look, fit, cleanliness, complexity of skills used compared to sewing experience, and more! During evaluation, each participant is given 30-60 seconds to talk about their entry and then the evaluators ask questions about the entry.

2023 Categories

Members may enter multiple County and State Categories at the Sonoma County Fashion Revue, but a member may only have one entry per category and an entry may not be entered in multiple categories. Except for the Costume Challenge category, all garment and accessory entries are to be worn by member (not created and fitted for someone else). Outfits must meet the 4-H Dress Guidelines.

See the Category Entry Information Chart for a summary of what is required for each category.

2023 County Only Categories:

For complete County Category descriptions, see 2023 SCFR Category Descriptions

County Only Categories do not qualify for State Fashion Revue competition.
County Only Categories are open to all 4-H members – there are no project requirements for County categories.

Accessories: Create two or more different coordinating accessories made from any material or combination of materials including: fabric, leather, yarn, wire, embroidery floss, duct tape, seed beads, etc.

The accessories must coordinate with each other and with the outfit the member chooses to wear with the accessories. The two accessories must be different types of accessories - two hair clips do not qualify, but it can be a hair clip and a bracelet.

Entry examples: belt, purse, wallet, slippers, jewelry, hat, scarf, gloves, hatband, hair accessories, phone holder, etc. (same rules as 2022)

Embellished: Creatively decorate an existing wearable garment using any variety of embellishing methods including: adding material, painting, dying, sewing, embroidering, trimming, gluing, etc

Entry must include a picture of the garment before any embellishments. (same rules as 2022)

Make It for Your Animal: Create something that can be used by an animal.

Entry Examples: bed, costume, blanket, collar, halter cover, lead, etc. (same rules as 2022)

For this category only, attendance at Fashion Revue is not required. The item you created for your animal must be completed and submitted with your entry form

Non-Garment: Make a non-wearable item using any technique, any materials, and any pattern.

Entry examples: laptop carrier, shopping bag, qarment bag, blanket, pillowcase, animal blanket, home décor, placemat, holiday décor, teddy bear, etc. (same rules as 2022)

NEW! Take it on an Adventure: create non-garment for a healthy living adventure

Entry examples: backpack, picnic blanket, mittens, car organizer, toiletry bag, bike accessories, picnic basket, hat, travel pillow, water bottle holder, neck or leg gaiters, sunglasses case or lanyard, camping utensils pouch, etc

2023 State Categories:

For State information, rules and scorecards, see the State Fashion Revue website.

  • Consumer Science Purchased, $50.00 Limit
  • Costume Challenge (NEW for 2023: costume may be fitted & worn by someone else)
  • Leather Creations
  • *Make It With Wool
  • Softie Challenge
  • *Traditional
  • *Quilt

* Traditional, Make It With Wool, & Quilt require membership in a Clothing & Textiles or Sewing project. All other categories are open to all members.

For the full State category descriptions see the 2023 State Fashion Revue Categories Flyer.

Age divisions – Age as of Dec 31, 2022

  • Primary 5 – 8 years old (comments only, not scored)
  • Junior 9 – 10 years old
  • Intermediate 11 – 13 years old
  • Senior 14 – 18 years old

State Fashion Revue Eligibility

Only the County Winners in the Traditional, Costume, and Consumer Science Purchased, $50.00 Limit categories qualify to enter State Fashion Revue. A County may only qualify one entry from each age division in these three categories to enter State Fashion Revue. If a County Winner is unable to enter State, then an alternate entry in the same category and age division will be invited to enter.

NEW for 2023: Leather Creations, Make It With Wool, Softie Challenge, and Quilt State categories do not need to qualify at a County 4-H Fashion Revue. Members may enter these directly in the State Fashion Revue or may enter State regardless of the award received at County. Multiple members from a county may enter these categories.

Also NEW for 2023: Members may enter two categories at State Fashion Revue.

Entry Forms
You must turn in a complete entry form packet by the deadlines, including all data and pictures. The evaluators use this information!

Online Participant Entry Form – due 11:59PM on Monday, March 20, 2023, online by midnight 

Category Forms due: Monday, April 3, 2023, on paper at the 4-H Office by 4pm (if mailing, it should arrive by April 3)

Print your forms and bring or mail them to the 4-H Office. They must arrive before 4PM, Monday, April 3, 2023. Label your envelope "Attn: 4-H Fashion Revue". Keep a copy of your forms. It is very helpful to review your category entry forms before you talk to the evaluators

The 2023 Workshop will be held at the YAL Center in Rohnert Park on Friday, January 21, 6:00pm. To help prepare supplies and in case we need to switch an online format, please RSVP by January 19th by emailing the Fashion Revue Committee: 4HSonomaCountyFashionRevue@gmail.com

Category Forms Workshop, forms help & alternate drop off location: Sunday, April 2, 2023, 2-4pm at YAL Center

A Fashion Revue Workshop is an opportunity to learn and practice Fashion Revue skills before the big event. We review the categories, explain what happens at Fashion Revue, and help members and their parents understand the whole process. This is a fun time to talk with other members interested in Fashion Revue.

Proficiency Pin Requirements
Sonoma County Fashion Revue offers a Proficiency Pin for members who put extra effort into their Fashion Revue participation. Earning this proficiency increases the members' knowledge about Fashion Revue topics, encourages speaking about Fashion Revue, supports community service, and promotes Fashion Revue to other members. SCFR-FashionRevueProficiencyPinRequirements

Knowledge & Judging Contest
The Knowledge & Judging Contest is normally held during the morning of the Fashion Revue. No pre-registration necessary. Any 4-H member may participate. A new contest is created each year. For a previous sample, see 2016 under Historical Information below.

Fashion Design Contest
Design and draw a complete outfit using one of the croquis/templates below. One entry per person, see a croquis file for more entry rules.

Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony

While the Fashion Revue includes a Fashion Show, the Fashion Show is not evaluated! The show occurs after lunch and is a fun time for friends and family to see the members’ accomplishments.

Normal, In-Person Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule for the Sonoma County Fashion Revue. Friends and family are invited to attend the Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony.

8:00  Check-in
8:30  Evaluators' orientation
8:30  Participants' orientation
9:00  Evaluation begins
10:00  Design Contest entries due
10:30  Design Contest voting starts
11:45  Design Contest voting closes
12:30  Lunch break
1:30  Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony

Historical Information

Questions & More Information

If you have any questions or need more information about the 4-H Fashion Revue, please email the committee at: 4HSonomaCountyFashionRevue@gmail.com

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