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Sonoma County Fair COVID-19 Updates

?? Sonoma County Fair Virtual Livestock Auction - August 1, 2020

The Sonoma County Fair will be offering a virtual auction. This is great news! Buyers now have two ways to participate in the auction:
1) Contact an Area Committee Solicitor to bid for them (as many have been doing), or
2) Register in the online platform and bid for themselves!

The auction will still take place as a live-auction beginning at 9:30 am on Saturday, August 1. More detailed information regarding the auction process as well as how to submit add-on cards can be found here: http://www.sonomacountyfair.com/fair/auction-results.php

Members of the public will still be able to watch the auction without being registered as a bidder.

SoCo Invitational- Entry by July 31st 5pm

The SoCo Invitational Virtual Livestock Show was developed by local agriculturalists collaborating with community members and livestock leaders to support the youth livestock exhibitors of Sonoma County and provide an avenue for them to showcase their skills raising, fitting and showing their market animals with a competitive and positive attitude. Only market animals(sheep, meat goats, swine and steers) purchased with the intent to show at the Sonoma County Fair are eligible for entry.  Entry Deadline Extended to July 31 by 5pm.

For Entry information please visit, https://socoinvitational.weebly.com/

Updates Regarding Other Local and State Fairs

Fairs provide opportunities for members to exhibit the best of their project work from the past year and see how their skills have grown. Fairs also share with the community what 4-H activities are taking place in their area. 4-H recognizes the value of participation at fairs as a means to showcase, exhibit, and otherwise demonstrate an individual member’s accomplishments and skill development. Fair participation, however, is not a requirement for 4-H involvement, nor should fairs be considered as a validation of the learning experience. Read more about 4-H rules governing participation at fairs.

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