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Events and Activities

Sonoma 4-H Calendar
Event Name Date
Sonoma County 4-H Events

Achievement Night (October)
First Saturday in October
Awards, recognition, and other achievement are recognized. 

Presentation Day (February) 
First Saturday in February
4-H youth members deliver their presentation and receive feedback from evaluators.

4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contest (February)
Fourth Saturday in February
Livestock judging is a process where 4-H youth members evaluate, select, place, and learn the various livestock species–beef cattle, sheep, and swine.

Fashion Revue (April) 
Saturday in March or April
Fashion Revue is an opportunity for 4-H youth members to show off their knowledge, skills, and creativity used to create clothing and textiles. 

4-H ChickenQue
First Sunday in May
Chickenque is an open house to introduce the 4-H program to members of our community, as well as a fundraiser for the Sonoma County 4-H

Youth Scholarships (due May 10)
Due in May
Sonoma County 4-H Council awards a total of 10, 10-$1,000 scholarships annually.

4-H Summer Camp (June & July) 
Camp 1: Typically the last week in June; Camp 2 typically the first or second week in July.  
4-H Camp empowers young people to share as partners in decision making, camp planning and implementation, and camp leadership on a day-to-day basis.

Other 4-H Events

Bay/Coast Area Youth Summit - January

State 4-H Events

National 4-H Events