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Wildlife Project

The Wildlife project is open to any member who loves the outdoors and nature and wants to know more about the pieces and parts and how they work together. 

Wildlife is a project that focuses on habitat, basic scientific and ecological principles and concepts, especially as they pertain to this year's topic "Wetlands of Sonoma County." 

Have you ever wondered how the wetlands play a role in our Sonoma County ecosystem? Wetlands are all around us in Sonoma County. This year in the wildlife project we will discover many things about the local wetlands, how they affect us and what lives in them.

Egrets Atascadero Wetlands, from Sonoma West Times
Egrets Atascadero Wetlands, from Sonoma West Times
Members are expected to do a research report and give a presentation at one of the meetings, and to share their opinions and ideas with an open mind. We do environmental ed activities to learn concepts.
This is a Countywide Project


4pm - 5:30 pm
133 Aviation Blvd, Suite 109, Santa Rosa

Weds, 10/16/2019


For More Information

Mary Engebreth Maryengebreth@comcast.net