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sewing county

Sewing is making something in 3 dimensions with a flexible product! It is challenging and fun! Join us as we explore this useful medium together! Optional directed Themes for 2017/8 are 3 color pillow case, jammy pants, zipper pouch and embellishment.

Like a county project, this project is open to members of all clubs who may not otherwise have access to a sewing project. Come sew with us! Boys and girls ages 5 - 19 are welcome, all sewing abilities. Youth may sew an item they choose or they may opt to follow along with instructions given for an easy group project, it all works. A 3 color pillow case, jammy pants, a zipper pouch and embellishment will be the items led as an optional group projects this year. Making and presenting an item for County Fashion Revue will be suggested but not required. Sewers may choose to sew by hand or machine.
Youth will plan, prep and sew in project time but this project works best when youth also sew at home to get more time in. Currently the project does not have machines to loan so bring yours, share with a friend or sibling, or sew by hand.


-Ages: Primaries (5-8yrs) should bring an adult
-Ages 9 and up may be dropped off with prior permission

-Leaders preferred ratio for safety with sewing: 1 adult or more to every 5 youth.

-Youth will be purchasing the majority of their materials independently, cost varies with the choices they make. Recycling and getting super deals at thrift store will be discussed.

-We are looking for as more adults and we’d love to have some Jr or Teen Leaders. Contact us asap so you can help us plan!

-Youth can leave meetings early if desired, our goal with 2 hr meetings was to allow max. sewing time for those who want it. The timing is flexible to suit all level of patience and need for help.


This project is under Sequoia 4-H