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Heritage Turkey Project

About the Project

Heritage turkeys had almost disappeared in this country due to the commercial economy and efficiency of the industrial-raised, White Broad-Breasted turkey. Fortunately, interest in Heritage Turkeys has been rekindled due to their history, beautiful plumage and the superior flavor and quality of their meat.

The Heritage Turkey project is cosponsored by Slow Food, an organization committed to maintaining a diverse food supply and supporting those who produce it.  Our project runs from January through November. Project members grow turkeys from two day old poults to maturity for the Thanksgiving market or can raise heritage turkeys for exhibition and breeding. 

The Heritage Turkey project is open to 4-H members 9 years of age or older with either a recommendation from their current club's poultry leader or with intermediate poultry knowledge and experience with brooding young birds. 


We do not have monthly meetings but meet/consult individually as needed for getting started in the project and have scheduled events and work days later in the season.

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