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About the Project

Discover archery - through the craft, art and science of primitive skills.

The core craft is making a long bow, suitable for recreation, competition or serious hunting. Other crafts include arrow, string and quiver making. If you’re already shooting, we can develop your skill. Enter your craft in the Fair and join us at local archery events.

Youths, adults, families and non-4H guests - all welcome - all fun

    • Learn why bows work and compare the different materials and shapes.
    • Choose a bow to match your size, strength and crafting level.
    • Bows take 2 to 40 hrs to make depending on level.
    • Bow materials range from $50 to $150 per bow.
    • Design and make custom arrows, quivers, Flemish bowstrings and leather accessories.
    • Small crafts take about 2 to 8 hrs.
    • Small materials range from $4 to $15 per item.
    • 4H Archery Proficiency, Junior Olympic Archery Development, Adult Achievement and traditional techniques
    • We have indoor and outdoor shooting lanes on site.
    • 4H Training and shooting is free, some events have a fee. 


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For More Information

County Archery is not available. Currently 4-H does not have a county Archery Leader. If you would like to become a leader please contact the 4-H office 707-565-2681 

Archery For All Ages 

  • 4-H Countywide Archery - Project Leader 
  • ArcheryForAllAges.com – Club Leader
  • Junior Olympic Archery Development – Coach
  • Adult Archery Achievement – Coach
  • Buckeye Gathering – Primitive Skills Instructor
  • National Field Archery Association – Member
  • Bowhunters Unlimited – Member
  • San Francisco Archers - Member