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Staff Research Associate 2, Exeter, CA, Job ID 6012

County Location: Tulare County

Date Posted: February 13, 2020
Closing Date: March 5, 2020

Under the general direction of the Principal Superintendent of Agriculture (PSA), manage workflow, data collection, data storage and data analysis for research projects that utilize the greenhouses, fields, packline, the shared laboratory and the Fruit Quality Laboratory. Conduct leaf collections of Center trees and test for Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV). Maintain databases for research data collected at Lindcove Research and Extension Center (LREC). Provide tours and assist with educational and public relations activities. Assist with the direction of casual labor to achieve research objectives. Support LREC web site blogging.

This position will promote, in all ways consistent with the other responsibilities of the position, accomplishment of the Affirmative Action goals established by the Division. 

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