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Post-Fire Soil Safety Webinar
Contact: drcluck@ucdavis.edu
Sponsor: UCCE Sonoma County

Are you growing your own food on a property directly impacted by a wildfire?

Wildfire introduces new considerations for growing produce and raising backyard poultry. In this virtual webinar, learn from scientists who have studied urban wildfires in California. Topics include:

  • What questions to consider when rebuilding a garden or re-establishing a backyard poultry flock
  • How to improve soil health and make informed decisions about food safety
  • Which agencies might have helpful information
  • What remains unknown in this burgeoning field of study

Register at ucanr.edu/postfiresoilsafety

Note: This workshop is intended for residents of properties directly impacted by wildfire. For information on the broader impact of smoke and ash on the food safety of garden-grown produce and backyard chicken eggs, see resources here including an archived webinar recording on Post-Fire Food Safety.