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ANR Affirmative Action Resource Library: Books – 5/11/12


Asian Experience

Title:   I Begin My Life All Over

Author:   Lillian Faderman

Copyright:   1998

Synopsis:   The Hmong and the American Immigrant Experience in the late twentieth century.

Title:   The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

Author:   Anne Fadiman

Copyright:   1997

Synopsis:   National Book Critics Circle Award winner. A Hmong child, her American doctors, and the collision of cultures.


Affirmative Action, History of

Title:   When Affirmative Action Was White

Author:   Ira Katznelson

Copyright:   2005

Synopsis:  Thoroughly researched, revelatory look at the history of affirmative action from the New Deal to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and beyond.


Age Issues

Title:   Connecting Generations

Author:   Claire Raines

Copyright:   2003

Synopsis:  Principles, tips, methods for dealing with the new multigenerational workplace.

Title:   Generations At Work

Author:   Ron Zemke

Copyright:   2000

Synopsis:  Managing the clash of veterans, Boomers . . . the whole multigenerational workforce.


Black Experience

Title:   All Our Kin

Author:   Carol B. Stack

Copyright:   1974

Synopsis:  An early analysis of Black family and kinship organization in the poorest section of the Black community in late-sixties America.


Title:   Climbing Jacob's Ladder

Author:   Andrew Billingsley

Copyright:   1992

Synopsis:   Searching analysis of the evolution of African-American families from ancient to modern times.



Title:   Animal Kingdom

Author:   William Guillory

Copyright:   2006

Synopsis:   A diversity fable -- a reminder that there is room for all of humankind to mutually co-exist.


Title:   A Different Mirror

Author:   Ronald Takaki

Copyright:   1993

Synopsis:  Extensively researched. A dramatic retelling of our nation's history of the many different people who together compose the United States of America.


Title:   Diversity at Work

Author:   Trevor Wilson

Copyright:   1997

Synopsis:  Explains why a more diverse and equitable workforce makes good business sense.


AIDS Epidemic, Start of

Title:   And the Band Played On

Author:   Randy Shilts

Copyright:   1987

Synopsis:  An investigative exposè about the start of the AIDS epidemic in the United States.


Hispanic Experience

Title:   Family Installments

Author:   Edward Rivera

Copyright:   1982

Synopsis:  Memories of an Hispanic family from Puerto Rico and their new life in late seventies New York City.


Disabled Experience

Title:   Climbing Back

Author:   Mark Wellman, John Flinn

Copyright:   1992

Synopsis:  Inspiring story of a paraplegic climber conquering Yosemite's El Capitan.


Homeless Experience

Title:   Travels with Lizbeth

Author:   Lars Eighner

Copyright:   1993

Synopsis:  One man's account of homelessness, his survival on the streets with his dog, Lizbeth.