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2013 Presentation Day Results

Sonoma County Presentation Day was Saturday, February 2, 2013 and members of all ages came out to show their stuff! Congratulations to all who participated this year.  Here are the results (Green award for Primary participants 6-8 years of age):

Demonstrations & Illustrated Talks
Shelby Gersley – Gold
Ella Bratton, Elyanna Gonzalez & Peyton Byrne – Green
Bailey Glashan – Gold
Ashlyn Ballenger – Blue
Mia Wesselkamper – Gold
Cassia Bermender – Blue
Caitlin Booth & Kaynen Schuldt – Blue
Isabella Tristano – Blue
Katherine Jew – Blue
Elizabeth Carey – Blue
Cole Shafer – Blue
MacGarrett, Amber & Jesse Osman – Blue
Travis DeVries – Red
Melanie Hanlon – Blue
Cameron Bermender – Blue
Ellie Lammoglia-Morel – Gold
Jeffrey DeVries – Blue
Ana Jew – Blue
Luke Roberts – Green
Alexis Fischer – Blue
Reilly Ballenger – Blue
Jade Magnelli & Catori Castillo – Green
Christina Olmstead – Blue
Caroline Hampton – Gold
Mia & Jenna Lage – Green
Katie Terra – Blue
Educational Displays
Katie Terra – Blue
Gianna Giovannini Lovell – Gold
Joseph Waterman & Ed Berncich – Green
Amy Shafer – Gold
James Byrne & Mya Gonzales – Green
Allie Foster – Green
Jessica Waterman & Karle Berncich – Green
Impromptu Speeches
Melanie Hanlon – Blue
Ben Hampton – Gold
Cultural Arts
An Irish Story presented by Alexandra Gambonini, Samantha Gambonini, Makenzie Millard, Elizabeth Carey – Blue
Share the Fun
Super Powers of 4H presented by Sequoia 4-H Presentation Skills members Isabella Tristano, Bailey Glashan and Shelby Gersley - Gold

All those who earned a Gold are encouraged to participate in Sectional Presentation Day being held March 30, 2013 at UC Davis. Applications are due to the 4-H Office Wednesday, February 20, 2013 no later than 3 PM. Adults and teens are needed as judges and youth as Room Hosts and Couriers! Please volunteer and support our youth as they move onto this next level of competition.
Sonoma County will be supporting the event by handling check-in and we need four volunteers (adults or older teens) to help with this responsibility. In 2014 our county will be responsible for putting on Sectional Presentation Day. If you are interested in being on this committee please contact Diana Stornetta. It is a great opportunity to be part of 4-H beyond your county!

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