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Emission Uniformity Calculator Excel Worksheet

Interactive Emission Uniformity Calculator

Emission uniformity is expressed as a percentage, and is a relative index of the variability between emitters in an irrigation block.  Emission uniformity is defined as the average discharge of 25% of the sampled emitters with the least discharge, divided by the average discharge of all sampled emitters.   

After emitter discharge has been measured in the field and recorded on the Drip System Evaluation Form  emission uniformity for the system can be cauculated and used to adjust the number of hours to irrigate the vineyard.  Emission uniformity values can also be used to decide if repairs are needed to the system.

Because numerous calculations must be performed to convert sampled emitter discharge into gallons per hour, and emitters must be ranked in order of discharge rate, the process can become time consuming.  This interactive, bilingual Excel worksheetis available to automatically convert the volume of water collected in 60 seconds, or the number of seconds to fill a 35mm film canister into gallons per hour.  The worksheet will also rank the emitter discharge and calculate emission uniformity. 

Download the bilingual Emission Uniformity Calculator Excel Worksheet to your computer and calculate the emission uniformity of the irrigation system. Macros must be enabled when the file is opened.