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First Press Archive & Summary of Olive Oil Projects

Paul Vossen, Retired - projects

Research projects:

  • Olive harvest efficiency trials
  • Oil olive variety evaluation
  • Olive fruit fly control trials
  • Olive production cost studies
  • Olive oil industry grower, acreage, and production survey
  • Oil olive irrigation study
  • Super high density olive orchard evaluation studies
  • Blueberry variety demonstration orchard
  • Apple variety demonstration orchard
  • Chestnut variety demonstration orchard
  • Codling moth control in back yard trees
  • UC olive oil research sensory taste panel

Educational programs:

  • Organic olive production short courses
  • Annual olive oil sensory short course at UC Davis
  • Annual landscape fruit tree pruning course at UC Davis
  • Olive oil production, processing, and sensory evaluation course at SRJC
  • Statewide olive oil production short courses
  • One-on-one meetings with county farmers
  • Specialty crops production short course at the SRJC
  • Pruning demonstrations for olives and fruit trees
  • Quarterly First Press newsletter of olive oil production and evaluation