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Youth Scholarships (due May 10)

4-H County Scholarships

4-H CCC Scholarship Application- applications due May 10, 2021

4-H CCC Pat Groverman- applications due May 10, 2021

4-H CCC Emerson Hogue- applications due May 10, 2021

Sonoma County Scholarships

SC Fair Hall of Flowers Scholarships submission in May

SC Farm Bureau Foundation Scholarships submission in April

SC Youth Ag. Leadership Foundation Scholarships submission in March

Sonoma Marin Fair Scholarships submission in June

Other Scholarship Opportunities

California 4-H Scholarships & Awards submission in August

DmvEdu.org - $3,000 scholarships. Submission dates: 4/1, 8/1 and 12/1.

ClearPath Lending Scholarship - $1000 scholarship Deadline 7/31

Max Gorin Scholarship - $1,000 Deadline 6/30