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4-H Outreach


The 4-H Youth Development Program launched several "In-Motion Afterschool 4-H Clubs."
The clubs are project based programs that offer flexible project meeting times at schools in afterschool settings. 
Through partnerships with schools, community organizations and colleges, the program provides nearly 300 youth with educational after school activities through hands-on activities and fun sports programs. 

These new programs help children be more active, learn new skills and develop new confidence under a positive environment and the guidance of 4-H Volunteers. 

There are two types of afterschool programs that can be offered by current clubs or you can create a club nearby to help meet the demand for afterschool programs in your area. 

AFTERSCHOOL CLUB - The Afterschool Clubs are chartered programs where youth meet at least 6 hours a month and engage in structured afterschool programs. Youth enrolled in afterschool clubs must be individually enrolled in 4-H Online and pay the yearly enrollment fee. 

PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMS - 4-H leaders can reach out to school officials and see how they can help expand or enhance their current programs. 
Youth in partnership programs, do NOT have to be individually enrolled and can participate at no cost. 

If you are interested in creating afterschool programs in your school, please contact Diego Mariscal and call our office 707-565-2681