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AB 589, Bigelow. Water diversion: monitoring and reporting training

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UC Cooperative Extension is providing trainings for individuals to meet the requirements of Senate Bill 88 that relate to the installation and accuracy of devices that measure water directly diverted as per water right(s) and water volume. Assembly Bill 589 enabled UC Cooperative Extension to provide these trainings.

If you have previously taken this training (May 2018 in Santa Rosa or at any other location), you do not need to retake the training.

Who Should Take Assembly Bill 589 Training?

Upcoming AB 589, Bigelow training

The trainings are sponsored by Sonoma County and Mendocino County Farm Bureaus.

The same program is presented at each location. If you attended this UCCE training in the past, you do NOT need to take it again. See below for who should take the training.


November 12, 2019 at two locations (same program at each location):

Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds
1 Citrus Fair Drive
Cloverdale 95425

: 7:30am to 8am

Program: 8am to 11:30am

Pre-registration ONLY no walk-ins

Registration closes: when class is full or 8:00 AM, Friday, November 8.

Mendocino County location
890 N Bush St
Ukiah 95482

: 12:30pm to 1pm

Program: 1pm to 4:30pm

Pre-registration ONLY no walk-ins

Registration closes: when class is full or 8:00 AM, Friday, November 8.

What to bring: Pencil, calculator (phone with calc), and coffee/water as it will not be provided.

What is supplied: Three-ring binder with handouts.  


  • Dr. Khaled Bali, UC Irrigation and Water Management Specialist, UC Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center
  • Larry Forero, UC Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, Shasta and Trinity Counties
  • Allan Fulton, UC Irrigation and Water Resources Advisor, Tehama, Colusa, Glenn and Shasta Counties
  • Dr. Daniele Zaccaria, UC Water Management Specialist, UC Cooperative Extension

About Senate Bill 88 and Assembly Bill 589 Training Classes presented by UCCE

Senate Bill 88 requires all water right holders beginning in the 2016 diversion season - who have previously diverted or intend to divert more than 10 acre-feet (AF) per year (including riparian and pre-1914 claims), or are authorized to divert more than 10 AF per year (under a permit, license, or registration) - to measure and report the water they directly divert, divert to storage and the rate of withdrawal/release from storage.  Measurement compliance can be achieved through the installation/use of a measuring device or other alternatives. The installation and accuracy of the measurement device must be documented by a Qualified Individual as defined in the table below.


Who is a Qualified Individual?

Water rights >100 AF

  1. California-registered Professional Engineer, or
  2. A person under the supervision of a California-registered Professional Engineer and employed to install, operate, and maintain water measurement and reporting devices or methods; or
  3. A California-licensed contractor for C-57 well drilling, or
  4. A California-licensed contractor for C-61 Limited Specialty/D-21 Machinery and Pumps, or
  5. Any water right owner, diverter, tenant or employee thereof can become qualified by completing a training course on measurement devices offered by the University of California Cooperative Extension. 

Water rights <100 AF

Person trained and experienced in water measurement and reporting. This may include the diverter or the diverter's agent. A training class is not necessarily required, but is optional. 

Federal agency water rights

Hydrologist or professional engineer experienced and trained in water measurement who is employed by the federal agency in that capacity.

Table source: CA Water Boards, Surface Water Measurement page


Assembly Bill 589 through January 1, 2023, allows any diverter, as defined*, who has completed a course on measurement devices and methods administered by the University of California Cooperative Extension, including passage of a proficiency test to be considered a Qualified Individual who may install and maintain measuring devices or implement methods of measurement that are used for their own annual diversions as required by the California State Water Resources Control Board. The bill also requires the University of California Cooperative Extension and the State Water Resources Control Board to jointly develop the curriculum of the course and the proficiency test.

*From AB 589. “diverter” means an individual authorized to divert water under a valid water right, a lessee of property that is subject to a water right who is acting as a representative of the water right holder, or a bona fide employee of the water right holder or lessee.

Visit CA Water Boards, Annual Water Use Reporting Requirements for Water Right Holders for more information on annual water use reporting, a summary of measurement and monitoring requirements and measurement regulation deadlines.

Who should take the AB 589, Bigelow. Water diversion: monitoring and reporting training?

If you are a diverter with water rights for more than 100 AF and you would like to be able to install and maintain your water measurement devices without having to hire a “qualified individual”, or you would like to have a property lessee or employee be able to do so, then this course is for you, your lessees or employees.  Diverters with less than 100 AF water rights also have the option to attend if desired. Since these courses are not frequently offered in all areas of the state, you are encouraged to take advantage of attending the course if one is held near you.

The training provided by UC Cooperative Extension will allow you to:

  • Clarify reporting requirements for ranch/agricultural operation
  • Understand what meters are appropriate for different situations
  • Learn how to determine measurement equipment accuracy
  • Develop an understanding of measurement weirs
  • Learn how to calculate and report volume from flow data

Future Assembly Bill 589 Training Classes

To view additional classes, visit: Assembly Bill 589 Training Classes