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Organic Olive Manual
 The Organic Olive Production Manual addresses all aspects of olive production in an organic context. An overview of site selection, olive cultivars and the economics of olives as a commodity provides background. There are chapters devoted to all the important elements of olive orchard culture that are specific to organic production: nutrition, weed control, disease prevention and insect pest management including olive fruit fly. Composting and olive waste management are detailed as part of the sustainable system. Agroecological principles for making the conversion to organic olive production and information about organic certification complete the manual. Available at ANR publications website.

Monitoring and Control of Olive Fruit Fly (OLF) for Oil Production in California, Dec 2014, CAPCA Adviser. This article culminates more than five years of research and observation on control of OLF and outlines the techniques to achieve adequate control and to produce high quality (defect-free) olive oil in the face of this new pest.

Olive Fruit Fly adult
Olive Fruit Fly adult



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