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Trees and Forests

The Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group is a team with forestry and conservation expertise working together to provide education and resources to forest landowners with the goal of protecting and sustaining healthy forests, woodlands, and watersheds in Sonoma County. Members represent forest landowners, local and regional land trusts, watershed councils, and state and local agencies.

UCCE Sonoma & Marin Environmental Horticulture Advisor, Steven Swainsvswain@ucanr.edu

Forest Stewardship Series

Forest Stewardship Series - 24-part free online publication that provides owners of California forestland with a comprehensive source of information pertinent to the management and enjoyment of their lands. This information will help you formulate and implement strategies for achieving your personal goals as a landowner. The series provides an introduction to the lifelong study of forest stewardship that is part of owning forest property. UCANR, 2007

After the Fire

Forest & Woodland Post Fire Restoration, USDA NRCS 2017 

Forest with fire

Hazard Tree Removal, USDA NRCS

How Trees Survive and Thrive after a Fire, National Forest Foundation, Fall 2017

Managing Forests After Fire, US Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Summer, 2007

Oaks After Fire: Which will Survive? UCANR 1/2011

Post Fires Restoration on Forestland and Woodland Areas, NRCS, 2017

Preparing for Winter Following Fires, USDA NRCS 2017

Recovering from Wildfire: A Guide for California's Forest Landowners, UCANR 7/2017

Regrowing a Forest, American Forests, Winter 2012

Taking Care of Residential Trees after Wildfire, UN Reno Cooperative Extension

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