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Landowner Resources

Pre-Fire Land Management

Landowners should keep mitigation methods in mind to avoid catastrophic damages due to fires. One of the major ways to reduce the fuel loads is to take into account Wildfire and Fuel Management and to ultimately, fight fire with fire. 

Fire Adapted Communities 

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Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash
Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash

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After the Fire

UCANR Resources for California

Additional Resources

Fire Recovery by Sonoma Resource Conservation District. Sonoma RCD can help land owners prepare for and recover from disasters that effect rural environments. They work with USDA NRCS to obtain grants and other resources for landowner projects. 

Managing Forests After Fire, Pacific Northweast Research Station, Summer 2007.

Post-Fire Disaster Publications by USDA NRCS, 9/2017

What do I do After the Fire practical and affordable advice on restoring the economic and aesthetic value of your land. Living with Wildfire in Wyoming.

Forest Health and Carbon Storage indicators related to Forest Health and Biomass/Carbon Storage on forest lands. Sierra Nevada Conservancy, 12/2012.

Retardant after the Fire, UCCE Sonoma

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