Genetically Modified Food or Organic: Do We Have to Choose?

Mar 18, 2013
2013-03-18 1029

There's a big difference between the questions what is best for my family? and what kind of agriculture is best for the whole world? 

According to Maarten Chrispeels, a plant physiologist and UC San Diego distinguished professor emeritus and Global Food Systems Forum panelist, it's very difficult to choose between organic and GM's. We're being bombarded with information, but how much of that is true? Do we even need to choose between the two? 

Watch the video below to find out. 


"If you're concerned about your health, there isn't any scientific basis to choose for or against organic, or for or against GM."

"If you're concerned about food, there is no scientific basis for choosing for or against GM or organic. If you're concerned about the environment, organic has some interesting practices that emphasize sustainability, but GM crops already lessen the impact of agriculture on the environment."

"The small picture: There is no scientific basis for championing or rejecting either GM or organic. do need to eat more fruits and vegetables: 5 helpings of fruits and vegetables per day cuts the rates of many cancers by 50%"

"The big picture: GM or organic? is a false question. The moral issue for our world is: How do we abolish the food insecurity of 800 million humans? Organic agriculture with its lower yields cannot do this. We need all available and appropriate technologies and food production systems adapted to local ecologies."

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