Visit Master Gardeners at Sonoma County Fair

Jul 12, 2019

 Sonoma County Fair ~ August 1 - 11, 2019

This year Sonoma Master Gardeners have chosen to use their garden space to demonstrate the wonders of edible landscaping. We will be showing fairgoers how easy it is to add food-producing plants into an existing landscape or to create an edible ‘food garden' from scratch. Using food-producing plants as part of an organic landscape is a perfect way to make your landscape more sustainable. And it is a fun way to teach children to joys of sustainable organic gardening.

Come join us daily from 11am to 5pm at our new location on the east side of the Courtyard to answer your gardening questions! 

For the first time, we will have information tables on topics ranging from succulents, food gardening, firewise landscaping, worms, bug hotels and more on August 3 & 4th and August 10th & 11th. 

Stop by our demo garden or information tables and say hi!  

Schedule of Talks/Demonstrations

Saturday, 8/3   

11am – 1pm – Saving Water in the Garden Master Gardener GardenSense specialists will be in the Courtyard to talk about how to reduce your water use in the garden. You can sign up to have a team of consultants come to your home to discuss landscape options.                          

1pm – 3pm – All You Need to Know About Soil Come talk with Master Gardeners and learn what makes good soil for plants and how to improve bad soil. Learn the difference between compost and mulch and how to use them.

3pm – 5pm – Caterpillars Make Butterflies Master Gardener experts will talk about the magic of caterpillars and butterflies. Butterflies are losing habitat at an alarming rate. Learn what plants you should have in your garden to create better habitat for butterflies.

Sunday, 8/4

1pm – 3 pm – Landscaping for Fire Master Gardeners will Be in the Courtyard to provide information and answer questions on how best to prepare your landscape for potential wildfires. Learn the most important things you need to do to give yourself and your home a better chance.

3pm – 5pm - TBD 

Saturday, 8/10

11am – 1pm – Good Bug Hotels Master Gardeners will be in the Courtyard to explain how to attract bees and other beneficial insects (the ones that get rid of the bad bugs!) to your garden and provide them habitat and winter quarters so they stay to help in your garden.

1pm – 3pm – Easy-to-grow Succulents Master Gardeners will be in the Courtyard to demonstrate how easy it is to grow succulents. There will be a grow-your-own demo for kids, too.

3pm – 5pm – Worms, Worms, Worms Master Gardeners will be in the Courtyard to talk about the wonders of worm composting and regular composting. Come see how easy composting can be and how good it can be for your garden. Kids of all ages are welcome! Worms will be on hand.

Sunday, 8/11

11am – 1pm – Food Gardening Specialists Master Gardeners will be in the Courtyard to discuss edible landscaping and answer all your questions about growing your own food.

1pm – 3pm - TBD         

3pm – 5pm - TBD

By Mimi Enright
By Karen Giovannini
Editor - Agriculture Ombudsman

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