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What is a California 4-H State Ambassador?

The California 4-H State Ambassador Program is a working honor that provides 4-H members expanded opportunities to serve the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program. The 4-H State Ambassador position is one of the highest service opportunities and recognition attainable in the University of California 4-H

State ambassador
Youth Development Program. 4-H State Ambassadors are youth who have excelled in the areas of leadership and community service.  They are selected to serve the 4-H Youth Development Program in roles that promote leadership through education and service. 4-H State Ambassador advisors are adult volunteers who are experienced in working with older youth in a youth-adult partnership atmosphere.

Coordinator: Jenna Colburn at jcolburn@ucanr.edu or 530-750-1336

Who sponsors the 4-H State Ambassador program?

The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation provides financial sponsorship of the California 4-H State Ambassador Program, which includes ambassador travel and other expenses, through The California 4-H Foundation.

What is the difference between State Ambassadors and Diamond Stars?

The State Ambassadors program originated as the Diamond Star award for the top performing 4-Hers. In 2001, the name of the program was changed to 4-H State Ambassadors to better reflect the program. See past State Ambassador/Diamond Star team

For detailed information on the State Ambassador program and the application process, click here.

To apply to the State Ambassador program, click here.

Applications are due February 24, 2014!

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